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Mergers and acquisitions are attractive ways to grow a business, but integrating cultures can get in the way of achieving objectives. Signuum helps you identify and manage people-related costs, organizational capabilities and cultural issues pre-and-post-integration.

Why Signuum?

Signuum consultants have hands-on experience managing through human factors that arise with mergers and acquisitions. We have worked globally to support the small and large companies as they integrate staff and processes.

Signuum provides the following consulting services:

Executive Assessment
We provide aptitude and psychological testing to help assess executive talent.

Organizational Capability Assessments
We analyze organizational structure, decision making, information flow, risk tolerance and people capabilities.

Integration Services
Signuum provides the roadmap and project management skills needed to successfully integrate one organization into another. We identify operational issues and risks, culture-integration challenges and change management processes.

Human Capital Due Diligence
Our hands-on due diligence support includes collection, review and assessment of the Human Capital criteria.

Culture Assessments
We assess the extent to which the organization's current culture (values, norms, assumptions and beliefs) support the ability to perform and offer competitive advantage in a new environment. Post integration, we can help integrate cultures by realigning operating styles and building shared values and beliefs.